Time tested herbals, foods, and lifestyle tools reimagined for modern living.

bags and bottle of herbs
Both Eastern and Western traditional medicine have a long history of food therapy, herbal infusions, superfoods, bathing and topical treatments to support health.

This line is designed to be multi-use and for any stage in life including those trying to conceive, are pregnant, postpartum and beyond. Kids and men love them too! Some of our Tonics for instance, can be made as tea, or used in soup or porridge. They can stand alone or be added to a full supplement regime. They are also delicious! Many products are designed to align the body seasonally, and can be used by anyone.
Don’t be afraid to pick one up that looks good to you or is in season.

Our internal formulas are mostly medicinal food herbs. They are the Chinese equivalent of super foods. Many of these herbs are commonly found in both Asian kitchens and pharmacies. In some cases, we have incorporated Western herbs.

description of uses of the products

Various uses for Glow Roots and Bloom products. The labels show which can be taken as tea, decoction, porridge, broth, herbal cocktail or externally like a bath. Check out all our products here.


Our herbal blends are made so you can see the flowers, roots, leaves and berries. The living plants of the herbs within are rendered on the labels. Seeing and touching these plants reminds us of the earth which they have grown in, water they drank and hands that have tilled the soil. Just the act of making an infusion or decoction connects us with the earth the plants are from.

Traditional Asian Medicinals

Having studied Asian herbalism for over 20 years, I have a deep respect for the power of the herbs and formulas.

Food therapy has also long been a part of the medicine and thought to be the basis of good health. Food and herbs have essential natures and temperatures that affect the body. Many foods are also classified as herbs.  They are enjoyed traditionally in China to support longevity throughout the year, often at celebrations or seasonal transitions. Though they are commonly eaten, they still have powerful affects on the body. These superfoods are the basis for many of our formulas.

The way the food herbs are taken is also very important in this tradition. Congee (porridge) is a staple of Asian Cuisine that can be eaten for any meal. It can be used on its own or as a base for a larger meal with various toppings. It is easily digestible and thought to be an overall tonic. Our bagged herbals create warm nourishing drinks, soups and stews. Eating and drinking warm foods is the best way for the nutrients to be absorbed.

Herbal soaks and baths, oils and gua sha treatments also have a long tradition of use. They are simple and effective tools for self care. Herbs and medicinals are absorbed directly through the skin. Decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation promotes good health.

Traditional Knowledge in a Modern Age.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, my first instinct was to cook for my patients and my people. I understood the power of medicine that had been used in countless pandemics throughout history. I looked to the master herbalists that came before me who crafted the classical formulas that are still used today.

Glow Roots and Bloom was born from 20 years of practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist and the traditional practices of Asian Medicine. It grew from a passion for cooking for those I love. It blossomed from reflection on my ancestors, including those of blood, chosen family, place and lineage. Our first syrup was based on the Classical Chinese Formula Gui Zhi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction) paired with the Western classic elderberry syrup.

Our products reflect a need for connection to the earth, ourselves and each other.  Rituals are critical for connection. Herbs are allies for healing and understanding relationships. Food is medicine.


My Roots

Blessed Thistle Herb shop. Owned by my grandma.

My story took root in western New York, and bloomed through Chinese medicine in the Pacific Northwest. I came from a blended family and this family of products is blended too. An imperfect mixture that ends up being just right.







Compost in a garden

Horse manure waiting to be tilled into our garden. Sometime in the 80’s.

My mom was ahead of her time in the natural health movement. We were vegetarian, ate Whole Foods  and very little sugar.  There were always herbs and supplements in our house, even substituting white willow bark for aspirin. She worked at the first Co Op in our area and also at a natural health food store called the Nut Tree. Later my parents had a catering business and I was their unpaid labor :)

We always had a garden growing up and it started with a load of horse manure from a local farm. What a great lesson in fertility. You must have good soil to grow healthy plants. I spent many days with my grandma Betty. She was a jack of all trades and could make, and grow almost anything. She was particularly good at cooking, and had a talent for making something delicious out of whatever she has around the house.  I learned so much just watching her and eating her food.

Family photo

Clockwise from top right: My mom, Grandma Betty, me, and my dad.

Grandma Betty lived on a large, working beef cattle and
horse farm with around 200 head of cattle and 4-5 horses at any given time. The farm was nestled in rolling hills amide sugar maples.  She had a huge medicinal herb and food garden that she tended herself. She then dried and sold the herbs in a little shop attached to their farmhouse called Blessed Thistle Herbs. Her main clientele were her Amish neighbors. You know you grow good herbs when the Amish buy them as they are good farmers themselves!


The cows from the farm. Present day.

Cows in rural NY

Rural farm

Present day Walt’s farm.