Dr. Katie Ferree ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Primary care, mental health, digestive health, nutrition, fertility/hormones, pediatrics

Madison Valley, West Seattle- virtual


Photo of Dr Katie Ferree at Glow Natural Health Seattle

Dr. Katie grew up in Illinois and attended National University of Health Sciences for naturopathic medical school. Following graduation she completed a private residency focused in mental health at The Center – A Place of Hope in Edmonds, WA. As a primary care physician, she takes a special interest in mental health, digestive health, fertility, male and female hormones, stress response, thyroid function, and pediatrics. Her patients range from 1 month old to 87 years old!

Her philosophy aligns with vitalistic naturopathic medicine. Vitalism emphasizes the body’s innate, self-healing capacity when the proper conditions for health are established. It honors utilizing natural means to help promote sustained health. Dr. Katie believes we are born with the strength and ability to heal ourselves when living within the laws of nature. Life choices rooted in nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, and relationships have the ability to damage our health and prevent our healing process; which also means these choices have the ability to benefit our health and healing.

In her free time, Dr. Katie enjoys going on roadtrips (31 states and counting!), seeing live music, spending time with her partner Joey, and finding fun ways to exercise like rollerblading and playing pickleball.  

Services Provided: 

  • Annual exam*, well-child exams*, routine gynecologic exams, STD/STI testing, school and sports physical exams, acute care
  • Comprehensive routine blood work via Quest or LabCorp
  • Speciality Testing: food sensitivities and intolerances, gut microbiome evaluation, OATs, genetic developmental testing for pediatrics, MTHFR/COMT detection, micronutrient levels, vaginal biome evaluation
  • Diet and nutrition counseling 
  • De-prescribing medications (when safe and appropriate)
  • Homeopathic and herbal therapies 
  • Telemedicine appointments
  • Free 15-minute consultation

*Dr. Katie honors a pro-choice stance for vaccinations but cannot administer vaccines for children or adults.

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