How can acupuncture treat pain? Acupuncture works to block pain, reduce inflammation, increase circulation and promote healing. Five models have been proposed for how acupuncture works to treat pain. Click here for the full report.

What does a typical session entail? At Glow’s Acupuncture Pain Clinic our experienced acupuncturists treat pain of all types using acupuncture, acupressure, electro acupuncture, cupping, low level lasers, Tui Na (Chinese massage), Gua Sha (scraping for pain and inflammation relief) as well as supplements, diet, exercises and stretching. Our multi-pronged approach insures that pain is relieved and treated at the root. Your practitioner will choose the combination of these tools that you feel comfortable with and that’s right for you.

I’ve been in a car accident, can Acupuncture help relieve my pain? Yes! Acupuncture can be done immediately following a whiplash injury to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and diffuse the trauma from the accident.We have extensive experience in helping you to navigate the insurance maze as well.

I’m afraid of needles, can I still benefit from treatment at The Acupuncture Pain Clinic? Absolutely. Cold Laser therapy, cupping, gua sha, dietary changes and supplements, stretching and tui na are all needleless therapies that provide proven, effective pain relief. Our practitioners have years of experience with patients who are nervous about treatment and work to make you as comfortable as possible.

How fast will it work? When using acupuncture for pain, most people will get some relief in their first session. The sessions build on each other reminding your body of how to be pain free. Typically acupuncture is done 1-3 times a week for pain.

Are there any side effects? Research has shown that acupuncture treats pain with minimal to no side effects.

Can Acupuncture work with the therapies I’m already doing?We work with specialists including Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Orthopedists, Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, Trainers and Yoga instructors to find the best solution to your condition. We find this often gives the fastest, most effective and longest lasting pain relief.