This is a 3 week cleanse utilizing food, supplements and daily wellness rituals. It is an opportunity to transform your body, habits and health. SupportElemental Detox Glow Seattle your body’s need for individualized, optimal wellness.

We take the idea of cleansing and reinterpret it through the lens of East Asian medicine.  It’s called Elemental because it’s basic, yet essential. Change your diet and your eating habits and enjoy better health.

Consult our Acupuncturists at Glow to see if this program is right for you. Health benefits can include:

  • Better sleep
  • Balanced hormones. Great for those wishing to conceive, perimenopause, PMS or hormone related acne.
  • Better energy.
  • Improved digestion. Decreased gas bloating and regulation of bowel movements.
  • Improved skin. Great for exema, hives, and acne.
  • Decreased Allergies. This program can be done during allergy season or before to improe symptoms.
  • Decreased body pain.
  • Decrease in overall inflammation.

Why Detox?

Traditional Medicine has a history of cleansing as a path toward greater health. Our environment and diets have become more and more polluted and un-natural. Processed foods, environmental toxins, and hormones in our meats are just a few things that place a heavy burden on our body. Our pathways of elimination including our digestion, liver, skin, and urination can become sluggish and less efficient in ridding our bodies of toxins. This can in turn affect a variety of things including hormones, reproductive health, mental health, allergies, digestion, skin and pain complaints. A cleanse gives the body a break from additional stressors coming in and allows it to process and eliminate stored up toxins. The results can be incredible.

The beauty of East Asian medicine is that it is always evolving. It’s a system that can adapt to new information, adjust, and add value. When this medicine was first created there was not the level of toxicity and stress that we face every day in modern society. But now there is. Looking at the modern client it is easy to see that their systems are overwhelmed. They also often have combination patterns from an East Asian Medical view. Meaning, for example, they may be deficient (frequently cold, pale, and low energy) but also excessive (sluggish digestion, irritable, with headaches.) This situation lends itself well to treatment though the Elemental Detox.

Habitual Choices vs. Conscious Choices

This program allows you to get down to basics and align your body, mind, and spirit. It takes 3 weeks to begin a new habit. The goal is to give the body and mind a reset button. It can provide a fresh start and a clean slate that can make other aspects of treatment with acupuncture and herbs more effective. It takes commitment, but countless patients have done it and succeeded with great results.