We accept Workers’ Compensation for Chiropractic, Massage and now Acupuncture.

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain now covered under L and I.

We are now accepting L and I patients with Low Back Pain for acupuncture. Patients will need a referral to be eligible to use this benefit. The following guidelines have been established:

Treatment Must Focus on Functional Recovery and Return to Work

Under workers’ compensation insurance, acupuncture treatment must focus on helping occupationally injured and ill workers heal and return to work.

Treatment covered:

  • Low back pain related to an accepted condition on a workers’ compensation claim.
  • When ordered by the workers’ attending provider, up to 10 treatments over the lifetime of the claim.
  • When documentation shows clinically meaningful improvement in pain and function.

Treatment NOT covered:

  • Treatment beyond the medically necessary number of visits, not to exceed the 10 visit maximum.
  • Injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement.
  • Treatment that does not improve physical function of the industrial injury or occupational disease.
  • Any other modality not specifically listed.


More information here: http://lni.wa.gov/ClaimsIns/Providers/TreatingPatients/ByCondition/Acupuncture/default.asp