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About Naturopathy

Partners in your health:Your Naturopathic physician works with you to encourage your body’s built-in healing abilities and encourages health-promoting and disease-preventing practices through education.

Naturopathic medicine relies upon a partnership between the patient and the physician. The patient should be prepared to take responsibility for their own health and wellness, supported by the physician and the treatments.

Trust your ND to treat the cause using effective, natural non-toxic therapies. Naturopathic physicians utilize a variety of techniques in the treatment and prevention of disease and medical problems.

Diagnosis: A typical diagnostic approach includes a careful health history, physical examination and comprehensive laboratory tests.

Counseling: An important role of the naturopathic physician is that of teacher, which is the literal meaning of the word “doctor.” Counseling on diet, life-style, exercise and occupational and environmental hazards is an integral part of the relationship with your physician.

Therapeutic Nutrition: Nutrition and therapeutic use of foods have always been a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine. Many health conditons are treated successfully with nutrition. Most nutritional therapies have fewer complications and side effects than pharmaceutical drugs.

Botanical Medicine: Many plant substances are powerful medicine, effective and safe when used properly, in the right dose and in proper combinations with other herbs or treatments. Naturopathic physicians are the only licensed health care providers fully trained in the use of botanical medicine.

Physical Medicine: Various therapies are used to treat the body including naturopathic manipulation of the muscles, bones and spine. Heat and cold, gentle electrical impulses, ultrasound, diathermy, hydrotherapy and exercise therapy are also used. Colon therapy uses water and natural solutions to stimulate the body’s detoxification process.

Prescription Medicines: Sometimes the best possible intervention includes the use of antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drugs. Your naturopathic physician can and will prescribe these when appropriate.

Hormone Therapy: Hormone therapy is for those who have decreased levels on lab testing, and/or display hormone deficiency symptoms. Hormone levels are checked and monitored during therapy. Hormone Therapy FAQ