If you are no longer able to make you appointment, please allow 48 hours notice. Cancellations within 48 hours of your appointment are subject to a cancellation fee. Missed or late cancelled services are billed at $60 and Saunas at $20. At this time we no longer able to wave our fee if you are canceling due to illness. Thank you for your understanding.

We accept Visa, and Mastercard.

Questions about your bill can be made directly to Mary Ann at 1 (253) 770 4703 or via email at maryann@operationsplus.net.

As a courtesy to our clients, we will verify your insurance coverage.  Simply call the office and provide your insurance information, your name and your date of birth. This does not guarantee payment by the insurance company and clients are responsible for charges incurred. We recommend you call your insurance company yourself to confirm your coverage.