On being part of the solutionBL

In light of the current socio-political environment we at Glow Natural Health Centers wish to offer our position on ending systemic racism, and violence. We are and will remain to be an organization that is intolerant of hate and its expressions in all forms. As a long-standing Seattle community health care provider we view the pandemic of racial inequity, and the violence that is resultant, as a public health issue as well as one of public safety. That said we are committed to providing a safe space and healing environment to all members of our community. In our practices of hiring, and in the business we choose to support, we have taken into consideration the necessity of black ownership and participation in the health and wellness industry. While we are just one company, we would like to think that we reflect the values of the Seattle community as a whole. It is in these times that we must face the uncomfortable realities and formulate solutions that are in alignment with our perceptions on equality. We would encourage other businesses in our community to reflect on their missions and think about what they can do and or what they are doing to ensure that they are meeting the total needs of members of the community. We realize that historically change has not occurred overnight, nor has it always taken the form or shape intended. We must and will continue to operate with and within our core belief that all humans are equal and deserve a life of mutual respect, integrity, dignity,…..and to live.