Rachel Mendoza

Postpartum Doula, Reiki Practitioner

Online, in home

Rachel Mendoza in front of metal Glow sign

Rachel Mendoza is a postpartum doula, intuitive healer and reiki practitioner. She specializes in transitions and support in the postpartum and early parenting period both emotionally and physically. Including newborn and infancy care , perinatal mental health and mindfulness. Other specialties include lactation support, family dynamic transitions, body mind awareness and intuitive energy work.

Rachel attended Bastyr University for her doula education including perinatal mental health and lactation. She is an educator and facilitator for the Gottman Institutes “Bringing home Baby” trainings and programs. Rachel also graduated as a Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Counselor. A therapeutic modality to help the client work from a place of an aware ego as well  as a certified EFT tapping clinician.

She has been attuned as a reiki master level 2 from Northwest Healing Studio as well as completed her 8 month Reiki Intuitive energy healing mentorship and level 3 Reiki master training and attunement. She has been on the journey of intuitive healing and processing for years.

A healing session can be strictly silent hands on energy healing or it can be more an emotional talk therapy session with intuitive hands on healing as needed. She uses all her facets to create and hold space for the client. Her passion is to reignite the spark within every client and to empower and lift the vibrations and energy of each one she touches. She believes everyone has the innate ability to radiate and function at their highest good and her intention is to help usher that in.

She feels strongly that each parent and family can feel empowered in their role given
the right tools, knowledge, and support. Her passion is rooted in her deep respect and
belief in the way of all the ancestors that did this work for centuries before and the
ideology that it takes a village. After having her own postpartum doula practice she is
thrilled to be joining the Glow family of practitioners to more fully build each client’s
“village”. In working alongside all the practitioners at Glow she is confident that it
provides a safety net of all the components of care and an integrated approach that is
rare to find in the postpartum period and the health care system.

Rachel has always worked in roles of healing and caretaking. She was an early
childhood educator for many years and has worked with infants through toddlerhood
and their families for the last 15 years. She has a holistic approach and likes to meet her
clients where they are and support them in whatever way they need. She brings all her
knowledge to the table and pulls from the parts that seem to be most beneficial and
relevant to the client.

Rachel was born in San Francisco,raised in Seattle and lived in LA and NY. She now
calls Seattle her home where she lives with her partner, children and two dogs. When
not with clients you can find her trying to snuggle her “not-so-baby-babies”, doing barre,
meditating, reading, watering her plants, eating an abundance of kale and kimchi and
trying with limited success to read her partner his horoscope.

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