You will work together with your practitioner to determine the area of focus for your journey. Utilizing universal techniques and images our practitioners will guide you on a deeply relaxing journey to your inner world. You will then ease back into the present and be re-grounded. Follow up exercises, recommendations and a description of the journey will follow.

Indications for treatment include:

  • Trauma (loss of a loved one, surgery, accident)
  • Life transitions (birth of a child, illness of a loved one, job change)
  • Chronic health issues
  • Obsessive behavior and addictions
  • Depression/ anxiety
  • Nightmares
  • Feeling out of sorts/ out of your body
  • Feeling a presence
  • “Bad luck”
  • Relationship issues

During the treatment the client lies comfortably listening to a rhythmic sound such as a drum, rattle or recording. During the journey various spiritual guides, animals, spirits of nature and protectors are consulted with on behalf of the patient. The practitioner enters into an altered state of consciousness, which allows the soul to travel to receive information, collect lost power, lost parts of the self, and allow healing.  Energetic intrusions may also be removed. Journeywork is a not a religion and can be performed no matter what the patients religious background is.

Journeywork Session – $150

Your insurance may cover some of the costs of a session. Please let us know what insurance you have.

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More about Our Practitioner

Lindsey Lawson, MS, EAMP, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

Women’s health and fertility, Acute and chronic pain, Autoimmune conditions, Allergies