Abigail Hanna Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, BS Applied Health Sciences

Prenatal and Postpartum coaching



Picture of Abi Hanna by the puget sound Seattle

Abigail is a certified health coach who specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum wellness. After experiencing her first pregnancy and home birth, she became passionate about helping other women take charge of their fertility, pursue holistic health amidst all the conflicting information out there, and feel empowered in their own bodies & minds.

She takes a holistic and nature-first approach to wellness, focusing on nutrition, movement, mindset, and lifestyle as the foundation of health for all conditions. She is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and has a degree in Applied Health Science. She studied pregnancy, birth, and natural women’s health specifically for three years, trained in positive psychology-based behavior change and strengths-based health coaching, and continues to be a lifelong learner. In her spare time, Abigail enjoys sipping honey lattes, adventuring with her toddler, and playing volleyball with her husband. To learn more about her practice, check out her website.

If you are an expecting mama, I would love to walk alongside you in your pregnancy journey. I can’t wait to connect with you — please reach out!

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