Close-up of the process of applying green wax to skin at female eyebrows

We are very excited to be developing our aesthetics division. We believe that the skin is out largest organ of elimination and reflects imbalances within the body. By educating our clients about different approaches, styles, and techniques of skincare and health we support them in creating beauty from within. Feeling good both inside and out leads to an authentic, radiant glow.

At Glow, health and wellness treatments combine with modern noninvasive technology and traditional beauty techniques. We believe it is important to nourish the skin and the tissues below to move qi and circulate blood, while releasing fascia and even stored trauma. Modern technology such as LED light therapy can promote collagen and restore aging skin. We love botanicals and clean products but we also know sometimes strong medicine is needed for results.

We offer a variety of face and body treatments including facials, skin care, red light therapy, waxing and body treatments. Your special blend of talent and strong treatment skills will add to our team at Glow.

Combine the internal treatments at Glow with care on the outside. We offer aesthetic services for both men and women. We offer the best in modern non invasive technology with traditional beauty techniques.

You deserve to look as good as you feel.

Master with comb of eyebrow hair in women, brow correction in beauty salon

Glow facials

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation

Celluma LED therapy for wrinkles and acne

Waxing and tinting


Cosmetologist applying cosmetic mask on man's face in spa salon