Year of the Wood Green horse 2014 in Seattle WAJanuary 31st marks the Chinese New Year for 2014. It is the Year of the Wood Horse.  Horses are active and yang.  They are quick and full of energy.  Pair this with the element Wood and prepare to hang on. Wood is the element of movement and growth. It also governs new beginnings, the liver, and the color green.

The last two years have been about cutting away that which no longer serves you. The Metal Dragon and Water Snake years were about soul searching and carving out who are and are not.  There has been deep digging down into our depths and dredging them out. It has been a time of stillness. Outward movement has been hampered and humbled.

As we come out of that phase, the change to such yang energy might feel abrupt. Expect the unexpected. Projects that have been on hold might begin to move, and fast.

This is great time to introduce some liver cleansing exercise and foods into your life. The Wood Element governs the liver and the smooth flow of vital energy in the body. If the Qi is stuck and not flowing properly one might experience headaches, irritability, body pain or fatigue. So get out and move to welcome the Green Horse! Try our Long Life Kelp Noodles for a special New Years treat.

1531587_10151803540640458_458243146_aLindsey Lawson MS EAMP is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Clinic Director at Glow Natural Health and Seattle Fertility Acupuncturist. She is passionate about healthy, happy living, food and is a regular blogger.  For an appointment call Glow at 206 568 7545.