Our clinic is still offering all our usual services to help you maximize your health and wellness. We offer many options for immune system support and overall health.


For those of you stuck at home and wanting to continue to work on your health we have added Telemedicine options. We have created unique programs for both Acupressure and Chinese medicine, and Naturopathic care. This allows you to check in with your ND on at home therapies as well as supplement protocols. You can also stay on track with your acupuncture and check on your herb and supplement plan. We can offer supplements for pick up and drop shipping. Telemedicine Seattle


Some folks have also been asking about injectable medicine. We offer B12, Glutathione (Master Antioxidant) MICC for (regulating metabolism, PCOS) and homeopathic injections for pain and immune system support. These visits are 15 min and the cost ranges from $25 for a B 12 to $65. B 12 injections are billable to some insurances through your ND. Injections are not covered by insurance through your acupuncturist.


In Acupressure Telemedicine we will guide you through a customized acupressure session based on your condition. Tongue diagnosis offers a clear picture of your individualized pattern. We may also offer dietary advice, recipes, Qi Gong exercises, herb and supplement recommendations. Instruction on physical therapies such as Castor Oil packs, Skin Brushing, Gua Sha, Hydrotherapy, Foam Rolling and Yoga Tune up balls is given as appropriate. We have acupressure magnets available for pick up.