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Are you pregnant?  Your needs are shifting all the time. This program follows the same course as our in office treatments. We will assess your needs according to Chinese medicine and give you a diagnosis. Your treatment will be based on your diagnosis and where you are in your pregnancy. You will receive our Pregnancy Packet in an online format. This program shifts with you, guides and supports you every step of the way along your pregnancy. We support embryo development and mom’s body through each of the trimesters. AcuTelehealth can be combined with Drive-In Acupuncture for a minimal contact full treatment experience. You got this!

Bonus: In  the 3rd Trimester, Telemedicine for Labor Prep will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Acupressure Points used in labor as well as instruct you and your support person on their use.

Areas of focus: 1st Trimester-nausea, miscarriage preventions and supporting changes, immunity 2nd Trimester aches and pains, digestion, sleep, immunity and more, 3rd Trimester labor preparation, immunity.