My name is Eli. I love to play video games, be outside and grow plants. My mom is the owner of Glow and this is my first business.

Each plant comes with a quote. This one says “Water your dreams”

I am selling young spider plants that I have grown and potted from my greenhouse.
I will be donating 10% of the profits to my old school, the Vashon Green School, a non profit outdoor school dedicated to earth stewardship, permaculture and social justice.
P.S. I also love Crystals and made this display in my house.




First Happy Customer!

Facts about Spider Plants:

Easy to grow

In fact, hard to kill! Will survive in most growing conditions.

Pet safe

Listed by the ASPCA as safe for dogs and cats.

Purifies air

Chosen by NASA as one of the best plants to remove air pollution.

Improves health

Shown to improve the healing of hospital patients including lowered blood pressure, less pain, and less anxiety.


Both leaves and roots can be used raw in salads or smoothies.