Don’t you wish all your friends would choose to do a detox when you do? One of the reasons we wanted to have you all join us on the “Road to Glowing Health” is to create community of detoxers. We can support each other during the cleansing process and maybe even have a social life.!
One of the things I’ve noticed in all the cleanses I’ve done throughout the years is that it can be hard when all you friends are getting together having fun and your at home cooking brown rice and veggies (not that that isn’t delicious!)
All of us here at glow want to hang our with you, drink some tea, eat some food and enjoy. How does next Wednesday 7pm in Madison Valley sound? For those of you choosing to have acupuncture, that right after the 5 30 acupuncture session. Please either comment if you are in or call us at 206 568 7545 to RSVP!