Hello fellow detoxers,  I embarked on this journey of healthy eating and bodily cleansing on Monday.  I have done some detoxes in the past, which I met with great challenge and definitely had trouble sticking to all the rules.  So when the idea came of doing a detox with camaraderie I jumped in.  I took Dr. Eric’s advice and tried to plan well.  This meant shopping and cooking on Sunday with a variety of food ready for grabbing all week long. It also meant decreasing some of my obligations in order to let my body recuperate during this time.  Scheduling my bodywork was another important step,  It has really helped me to have my appointments for pilates, acupuncture and chiropractic amped up for a couple weeks to support the process and help make me feel better too. 
The journey for me besides being squeeky clean from the inside out and identifying some food sensitives,  is adapting to some life changes.   Starting with the simplest of things,  Water.  The next is exploring more variety in my whole foods and veggies.   Finally, learning how to provision the staples in my house to provide enough food available for the week, for one person, that is easy, accessible, and delicious.  Yikes. 
So far I feel I have made great successes in these endeavors and am being rewarded with feeling great to boot.  If not a bit tired at times.  Some of my favorite discoveries on this detox include cooking with a pressure cooker.  It is so fast, preserves the nutrients in food, the food comes out yummy, easy cleanup and saves gas, so I’m saving the environment too!   I really enjoyed eating different foods at the Detox potluck, the recipes inspired me for the coming week.  The chickpea salad with Mango was delicious as well as the Lentil salad.  I plan on sprouting my chickpeas the next time I make hummus for extra vitamins and enzymes. 
I’m gearing up for the vegan days and I’m not quite sure how its going to be.  I have this feeling I’m going to be facing some of the worst cravings thus far.  Up until now I haven’t felt deprived at all.  In fact I’ve been eating very well.   Dr. Eric says the increase in Mediclear will help keep my tummy feeling full.  That is comforting. 
Good Luck and Thank you all for the camaraderie and enthusiasm.  I’m really enjoying comparing notes.
Heather Bergfors, DC