Should I eat before my Sauna? A light, hydrating meal is a good idea. Steamed veggies, soup, or rice bowls or smoothies are perfect.

Will there be others using the Sauna? No. This space and the chill space provide are reserved for you and are private. The door to the sauna room locks. When you enter please flip the sign on the door to ROOM IN USE.

How often should I sweat? We recommend 30 min, sessions 2-3 times a week for 1-3 months for maximum benefits.

What do I do in the sauna? The sauna is your space and completely private. You may meditate, listen to music on the radio or using our blue tooth speaker, or talk. Please refrain from loud music or talking as we do have neighbors.

Do I wear clothes in the sauna? We recommend you use the sauna either in your bathing suit or without clothes and sitting on your towel.

How hot is the sauna? Infrared saunas deliver therapeutic effects at a lower temperature than traditional saunas. The benefits begin at 100.

How is the sauna sanitized? We use hospital-grade sterilization as well as essential oils. All towels and gowns are professionally laundered.

How many people can use the sauna together? Our sauna holds two people.

Can I shower afterward? We do not have shower services but provide a detoxifying essential oil spray that you can spray on and towel off.

Where do I put my used towel and robe? We provide a hamper outside the sauna. If you are having another type of session at Glow feel free to wear your robe and leave it in that room.