How does it work? Infrared sauna raises the core body temperature by 2-3 degrees rather than heating the air around us. That is why the health benefits occur at a lower temperature than traditional saunas’.

Infrared Sauna use reportedly:

Aids weight loss:

  • boosts metabolism
  • burns up to 700 calories per session
  • removes excess water
  • promotes detoxification

Enhances the immunity:

  • the antidote to Seattle weather
  • raises body temperature to combat viruses

Helps pain management:

  • reduces Inflammation
  • improves circulation

Benefits skin:

  • improves circulation to the skin
  • promotes skin healing
  • reduces acne
  • hydrates dry skin
  • lessens the appearance of small wrinkles like “crow’s feet”

Improves overall wellbeing:

  • helps normalize blood sugar levels
  • promotes a feeling of calm
  • improves sleep
  • promotes detoxification
  • 20% more toxins released compared to 3% with traditional saunas
  • has a normalizing effect on the reproductive system

Results vary by individuals.

A few studies are emerging to support the effectiveness of Infrared Saunas in improving health.

Infrared sauna use is safe and effective for increasing lactation in breastfeeding mothers and does not appear to be harmful during pregnancy.

A recent review of papers published on infrared sauna health benefits states that there is high quality evidence in use to treat systolic hypertension and fair preliminary support for treating chronic pain.



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