Genevieve Brooks MS, EAMP

Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist

Women’s health, fertility, IUI/IVF support, and pain relief.


Genevieve Brooks MAc.OM, Dipl. OM, EAMP is a nationally board certified acupuncturist. She obtained a Masters in
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine. She is trained in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture techniques, Chinese herbal medicine, Zheng Gu Tui Na and Shiatsu massage. Her education included over 1200 hours of clinical training, 50 hours of advanced observation with experienced practitioners, and in-depth research and study in women’s health and fertility. Although trained in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, her passion lies in working within the realms of women’s health, psycho-emotional wellbeing, and musculoskeletal pain conditions

Genevieve was first introduced to acupuncture and herbal medicine as a child, and it has been a constant source of healing and inspiration throughout her life. Prior to beginning her graduate studies, she worked as a certified personal trainer, specializing in kettlebell fitness training. In her free time, Genevieve enjoys spending time in nature, backpacking, strength training, relaxing with friends and family, and stoking her passion for education and personal growth.

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