Destine Abbott LMT

Massage Therapist

West Seattle

(she/ her)

Picture of Destine Abbott in front of metal Glow sign

Destine is paneled with Premera and Regency.

My name is Destine Abbott. I graduated from Cortiva Institute in December 2009. I wanted to connect and support my community. I knew a career in massage therapy would make a difference for people. I strive to provide professional care and bring clients relief so they can get back to enjoying their life with less pain, tension and stress.

I utilize many techniques including Hawaiian , Swedish and deep tissue. I love working with specific health conditions, sports injury/ recovery, trauma and pregnancy massage.

I love to heal and restore. I help people to improve their overall wellness. Therapeutic relationships through massage therapy is a way to connect.  I’m here to listen and remove tension, providing a deeply relaxing massage.  I create trust, and work from the heart in a body centered work.  I find goal oriented and truly deeply healing massage sessions rewarding. I have fascination with treatment work applying skill, intuition, education and my specialized expertise in provided true comfort.

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